Tuesday night dinners

Nick StevensNews

The last few weeks of Tuesday night dinners have been exciting as God has been opening the hearts of those who are coming. There have been opportunities for volunteers to input spiritually into the lives of those who are coming along. We have had a couple of the guys who come to our dinners attend our church conference and come along to church.

We have had some excellent speakers over the past few weeks who have been open and encouraging with sharing their story and speaking into the lives of those who have been coming. We have had Pieter T, well known R&B singer and music producer, who the youth particularly enjoyed hearing. Also Pranav, who has encouraged people and spoken into their lives using his prophetic gift and words of knowledge. Heidi, one of our wonderful volunteers, courageously shared her story, and Shannon, who oversees Missions and outreach at Catch the Fire Church, spoke about how he radically encountered that God is real. Nick shared on forgiveness and this was at a time when some of the guys had recently experienced some betrayal from a friend – God’s timing is always spot on.

We have appreciated people giving clothing so we can provide this for anyone who needs some. We have also had beautiful knitted beanies and scarves from Carolynn which have quickly been snatched up and worn in the cooler weather.  

As the evenings get lighter and the weather warmer, a hearty meal will always be well received, but the community and feeling of family that is starting to build is just as nourishing and important.