Serving our community through Tuesday dinners

Nick StevensUncategorized

The last couple of days have reminded us that winter hasn’t yet gone away, and it’s really cold for those who don’t have a roof over their heads at night. It has been a privilege to be able to provide a place where they can come on a Tuesday night and be warm, have a hot shower, perhaps find some new clothes or bedding, be well fed, but most importantly be encouraged through connection with others. Last night a gentleman came and had a hot shower – I believe it was his first shower in several months. It’s these simple things which people need and appreciate.

We’ve had two fabulous people share over the past two weeks; Chris Nahi, a former professional rugby league player, who captured his audience as he spoke about how God has completely changed his life and set him free from drugs and addiction. He is now setting up a rehab house in Whangarei. Last night, one of the lead team at Catch the Fire Church, Julie Ballantyne, encouraged people in her gentle and loving, yet powerful way by handing out gifts (a scarf and a beanie) and prophetic words to some of the attendees.¬†She then shared from her own life experience of how God has shown His love to her as her Heavenly Father, and how He wants to do the same for each person there.

Dino, our chef, has been cooking up a delicious storm each week and several times we’ve been fortunate to serve up a three course meal.

We can see that relationships are starting to be built and that God is touching hearts – one of our volunteers had the honour of introducing one gentleman who came along, to Jesus. We are also discovering some art talent in our young people who come along – as you can see below.

We are grateful for everyone who supports the Three Sixteen dinners in various ways. We could not do this without each and every one of you.