First 8 weeks flash back

Nick StevensNews

Well our community dinner is now well under way and has been eight weeks since we have started, It is such a blessing serving our community and so many people have been so generous and kind hearted. From spaghetti bolognese to roast chicken and some beautiful wholesome pasta bake, the food has been amazing the volunteers have been amazing and so great to see our guests come to be part of our family. We have had Wayne Sloan come in and speak on the knock knockin on your heart he had a very encouraging message and some cool stories, We have had Jo Slagel come in and play some awesome live music and of course not to forget our resident chef Dino Robertson gave an awesome testimony of how God set him free from drug dealing and drug addiction. Every week we bring in someone to share something encouraging to us all and we have had some really blessed times. Evangelist Owen Pomana came to testify of the awesome power of Jesus that set him free from a life of gang violence and drug addiction and he also brought with him Pieter T a influential NZ R&B singer who sung an amazing song for us acapela these last few weeks have been full with laughter love and friendship and I feel as though we really are starting to become a family. Also we have had Joseph Lee come in and speak on the love of God and this week 24/7/18 Pranav Birla and Wayde Marsch from (CAP) Christian’s against poverty came to give a powerful testimony of a family restored as well as some great advice on finances so there really has been a diversity of people and gifts come to the table.
I would just like to personally take the time to thank everyone involved you all really do make the evenings flow so smoothly and your time and effort is very much appreciated!

One thing we are in need of at this point is men’s clothing, so if you or anyone you know has some men’s clothing they would like to donate please go to the donate page and submit a request for clothing that would be much appreciated.
God Bless and stay safe

Nick Stevens
Founder of Three Sixteen Ministries